Ways to be a favourite of your New Manager

Many a times, it is seen that the relationship between a manager and his/her subordinates gets affected. Sometimes it is a grumpy boss and at other times, it is an argumentative employee. But, this conflict can prove to be very dangerous for the company as it slows down the process of development. It should be understood that the real task of an employee is to make the life of his/her manager easy. But most of the times the relationship stays bitter and hence the attitude towards each other and the works they share become unproductive.




Below are some of the ways by which you can become your manager’s favourite and work towards the achievement of any objective together. It might not happen very quickly, but with time, you will surely be able to build it up well.

  1. Knowing your Manager

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to know your manager well. Knowing his/her ways of tackling with things, his/her nature and mentality would help you build a strong bond. He/she might be a person who wants updates to be delivered not verbally but, in a written form. He/she might not be someone who likes being spoken to openly in team meetings, but personally. Try to do things the way he/she likes instead of the way you like to do it.

  1. Knowing the Boss’ Goals

A dedicated and focused employee might get buried into his/her own work and goals and in the process forget that the boss also has a set of goals to accomplish. In such times, it is really great to try and know what he/she wants and thereby help in achieving them. After all, you are expected to make the life of your boss easy.

  1. Never expect your boss to spoon-feed you

You can never think of being your manager’s favourite if you keep questioning your Boss about every small and big matter. He/she might get irritated and start building a total disregard for you. It is a better option to know things from your colleagues which will also mean that you are saving time to do other important stuff that requires collaboration with your boss.

  1. Offer Solutions, Not Problems

It is to be noted that you should not constantly keep complaining about the different problems in the company, but start thinking about how to solve the problem. It is always better to approach your boss with a solution, rather than a problem.

  1. Be Punctual

If you promise to do a particular task and get it ready in a stipulated time, try to make that happen. You not being punctual may disrupt the other activities in the company and hence irritate your manager. Can there be anything worse than disappointing your Boss?

Practicing these few things will definitely enable you to get closer to your boss and be his favourite very soon.