Job fairs

Job Fairs

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Career fairs play an important part in networking, making good first impressions and learning about companies.

They offer future employees anopportunity to make connections that would have been impossible to make otherwise.

Here are some tips on how to benefit from job fairs

Make a Plan of Action

Research on employers you want to approachbeforehand and prioritize them well. However, don’t only stick to this list. Leave some space for other interesting companies.

Dress for an interview

Katharine Brooks, director of the Office of Personnel, comments that your get-up is important. Your wardrobe will ensure that you stand out

Research well

The most popular complaint is that candidate had no knowledge about the company. Go through the list of companies and read their websites. You might impress themwith in-depth research on the company’s purpose, mission and clients served.

Follow up

Follow up with the hiring managers after you meet them.  Ask them for their business card, and send emails.

Networking Opportunity

Collect asmany business cards as you can and leave a good first impression. This will help you stand out from the crowd during the interview session.

Apply online

There is a common misconception that handing over your resume to an employerat a job fair makes you a candidate. Prior to speaking to them, apply online on their website. Use the knowledge gained to highlight important points.

Job fairs are all about that personal touch and connection you develop that also helps youdiscover new companies and get career advice. They can greatlybuild a candidate’s confidence. So make the best of the opportunities you get!