Follow Up

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You aced your interview and ended it on a high note. You wait eagerly for a reply and keep on refreshing your email. But often, the hiring manager is not on the same page. They are busy with meetings and interviewing other candidates.

Here’s how to figure out when you should contact the hiring manager for a follow up after interview:

Decide to follow up

It is always a question of WHEN and not IF.
Following up in a respectful way is important in showing that you are interested. It also helps you in establishing your communication skills.

Wait for some time

There is no official directive on how long you should wait for a follow up after an interview but an informal poll on Facebook was conducted on the same and following are the results-

Recruiters: How long should candidates wait before following up on a job interview?

  • 48% – 5 days
  • 39% – 7 days
  • 11% – 2 weeks
  • 2% – don’t follow up

The follow up interval will depend on the company and it’s working atmosphere. According to popular opinion, 1 full working week is the minimum time you should wait before sending out follow up emails.