Tips for Productive Team Meetings

Meetings are an important part of any business or company. But many a times it is seen that most of the meetings get stuck with the same topic with neither progress, nor conclusion. I’m sure you have been a part of such a chaos. Well, do not worry because you are not the only one. Many of the meetings that we come across in life goes unproductive; a sheer waste of time. But this is not it.


There have been many occasions where things come out well and a conclusion is reached. A proper planning and execution can lead to a well-run meeting.

Discussed below are some tips that may help you develop and run effective meetings:


It is really important to be specific on why you exactly want to call for a meeting; the purpose behind it and what would you accomplish through it.  Sometimes the situation is such that you do not need many heads to work on the same matter. At such times, it is recommended that you solve the matter on your own. Calling for a meeting means that you are going to waste some invaluable minutes of the office hours.  So call for a meeting only when it is extremely necessary; when it is felt that views and suggestions of the rest of the team members are a real necessity.

Distribution of Agenda

If you are really sure that only a meeting can solve a certain problem, you should follow certain strategies from which, development of an agenda is the most important. When you are with an objective and know where this meeting is intended to reach, you should prepare an agenda and share it among the ones who are expected in the meeting. This should be done at least a week prior to the event as this would keep everyone mentally prepared and there would be no waste of time.

Sticking to the Agenda

It is very important that the person who runs the meeting abide by the rules mentioned in the agenda. This will ensure that things go the way it has been planned. Sometimes it so happens that people raise issues that do not really have anything to do with the cause of the meeting.

Time Slot

It is very important that one keeps in mind the time limit and sees that others in the meeting do not waste time going round and round the same topic. It should also be made clear that discussions on the same topics discussed earlier are not repeated. This will save a lot of time and avoid chaos.


MOM or Minutes of Meeting is an important document that should be distributed as soon as possible among the ones who had been a part of the event. This will ensure that there is a written proof of what happened in the event and what is to be done according to whatever was decided in the event.


If you follow the above mentioned steps, you will surely be successful in running meetings that are not only effective, but productive at the same time.