Striking the Balance: From Stressful to Restful


Stress is a very common occurrence in our work life these days. A study conducted by Bloomberg revealed that South Africa is the 2nd most stressed country in the world. Another worldwide study by IPOs and Reuters also announced that more than 50% of South Africans professionals do not take their annual leave. What makes it worse is that stress and anxiety are often hidden and covered up and are often impossible for leaders to detect and work on. Following are some tips to combat stress effectively-


1.Watch out for signs

The following symptoms may result in decreased productivity and competence:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Loss of interest and concentration
  • Insomnia
  • Constant fatigue

2. Take care of your needs

It is important to take care of your physical and emotional condition. This builds internal resistance against stress. Participate in activities and exercise regularlyto refresh your body and improve blood circulation. Eat healthy food and reduce the consumption of fatty food. Decrease the sugar intake and eat more fruits with a balanced meal. Keep yourself hydrated, even at work.Adequate sleep of 7 hours is a must.

3. Be organized

Time management can reduce stress to a great extent. Invest in quality time-management skills that lead to efficient working. In this era of cloud technology, there are several applications like. Any.DoYanado and To do list that are highly rated. Maintain a balanced schedule that does not put too much pressure on you and don’t be afraid to take breaks during the day.

4. Work on your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

EQ is the level of your ability to understand other people, their motivation and how to work cooperatively and cohesively with them. Communicate with your colleagues so that it reduces tension and focuses on problem-solving. Use feedback mechanism effectively. Brutal honesty will go a long way here.

Hopefully these simple tips help youin combating stress and improving your efficiency in the office. Remember- stress negates your productivity and is harmful trait in employees.