Nervous about a Telephonic Interview? Don’t Worry, Follow these simple steps and Ace the Call!


One of the major benefits of technology is that the employers can screen applicants through phone interviews.  In order to save precious time and effort, most hiring managers prefer to conduct a telephonic interview beforehand to judge your capabilities.

No employer would think of hiring a person who is not even aware of the job description.

Employers prefer calling interviewees out of the blue to catch them off guard. You will be presenting a true picture of yourself.

Here are a few tips on how to face a telephonic interview well and cement your position in the company:


  • Ensure that you answer your phone yourself or have a professional voicemail ready
  • Unscheduled calls never work towards your benefit so try and schedule another time to talk.
  • Thoroughly research the company so that you are able to state the company’s key markets, figures and strategy.
  • Prepare some questions. This trick can make or break the interview.
  • Create an environment in which both the sides are comfortable and relaxed. Shut out distractions and eliminate background noise that might disturb you.
  • Don’t over think as you will start using a lot of conversational fillers.



  • Be a good listener and take notes so that you are able to respond to his queries and address the points put forward by him.
  • The leitmotif of a successful interview is finding common things and elaborating on them. This helps in forming a bond with your future boss.
  • Our impression in a telephonic interview depends solely on our voice and how we project ourselves verbally. Drink lots of water and do some voice exercises before the call.
  • Smile as you speak. It has a profound effect on your voice and mindset.
  • Think of it as a friendly but official chat. Use official language and vocabulary to communicate.
  • Create a positive ending. It leaves a good lasting impression.



  • Send a brief thank-you note. Stress on your interest in the company and your desire to take things to the next level.
  • Be patient as it is not necessary to get an immediate reply email to your thank-you note. Do not send more than 1-2 of these follow-up messages.
  • Face reality and accept that maybe this was not for you. Everyone faces rejection before landing his or her perfect job.