Reasons why you need to talk to mentors

Life, for all of us starts in the shelter of a mother who gives birth, most of us then are blessed with the care of parents, guidance of teachers and enlightened by the elders. Plenty of encouragement from different people to succeed in life helps us retain the strength and maintain hope. But as we grow up, things become difficult and we tend to become more self-reliant. Growing age takes our closed ones away from us. In such situations, would it not be great to have someone who helps us in deciding upon the most important things? Yes, this is when we need a Mentor.



Let us first know what this entire process of mentoring is. In simple words, when a more experienced and knowledgeable person helps in guiding you through the various challenges of your life, it can be regarded as mentoring. According to some, a mentor helps an individual in connecting the dots between their abilities, potential and thereby acts as the energy booster who builds the confidence and directs one towards the correct path.

It should be kept in mind that a conversation with your mentor may not really be very pleasing. But it is still imperative to talk and work things out. It is important to open up to your mentor. Let us discuss why this is vital.


Sometimes, some conversations might not go well. Perhaps you never forget and if you are an egoist, it might be all the more difficult. But that does not mean that you stop visiting your mentor. Instead of taking it personally as an insult, you should use it as a catalyst for improvement. Sometimes, some comments might sound critical or even negative, but these feedbacks are supposed to help you grow and become the best at what you do.


Any plan you make, any major step you take, it is really important that you let your mentor know about it. Many a times, we leave loop holes in what we do. Our mentors are supposed to be more experienced and knowledgeable people. They will help you see the probable mistakes that might occur and hence guide you with a contingency plan.


A mentor is someone who knows you the best and therefore can identify your skills. These are otherwise not noticed by others. You can finally discover the exact field of your interest with the help of someone else. A mentor can help us discover our talent and therefore it is very important to open up in front of your mentor so that he or she is able to have a better view of what you actually are.


Don’t you think a bit of a push can make you decide upon a matter you are not very sure of? Yes, a mentor exactly plays this role in our lives. They push our limits preventing us from doing anything less than our abilities.