For most of us the daily routine is like waking up at 6 o’ clock, then rushing towards the office, but many of us are still struggling to enter into office life. Hunting a new job is never easy. It doesn’t matter if you experience or not, the job market is full of scuffles for everybody. Whenever you are in search of the perfect job, you have to face many difficulties be patient. Now, the big question is how should you approach looking for a job??

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When we enter the job market or leave an organization, we feel overwhelmed. For a fresher this is because they are not aware of the ongoing trends and market needs experienced employees. For an experienced person, it is about falling into inactivity and not being able to support a living. The first rule of job hunt is to remain calm, stress free, and confident. Be optimistic and don’t demotivate yourself. Here are some of the things that might help you while you are hunting for a job.

  • Set targets

You need to set goals for yourself, like you must tell yourself that you’ve to get a job by the end of the month. Yeah, I agree that this is a big challenge, as finding a job in just three weeks is a big deal. But, this will give you focus and on daily basis you can set a target of being indulged in at least one meaningful conversation about a job opportunity.

  • Maintain an optimistic mindset

You can create a list of positive statements about yourself and about your approach for getting a new job. This list will help you in reinforcing a positive mindset every morning and whenever you fee negative these few statements will encourage you. You will turn yourself around and focus once again after reading a few positive lines.

Don’t dwell on the past and simply map your career. Redundancy can be an opportunity for you and this opportunity will act like reset button for you. You won’t get many chances in your lifetime and job hunting is one of them, so use it efficiently and map out the career that you want and focus on achieving your aims.

  • Network

You can create a list of your contacts, I mean all the people that can help you in job hunting like any recruitment consultant, etc. These people can potentially help you, try sending e-mails and make phone calls to them, so that they know that you are in the market. They will definitely tell you what all opportunities are available for you.

  • Shape your career story

Update your CV at first and make a list of your achievements; you should mention your expertise, knowledge and skills in it. This will help you in staying motivated and will tell the employers why you are worth the role you desire. Remain motivated and you will soon find the perfect place for you, if you keep trying to move forward. We advised you to stay focused on your aim. Believe in yourself…searching a new job might be difficult but it’s not impossible!


The moment you pass out of your university, you are in a rat race. You will have to compete with others to reach a level and get a job. This is never easy between there is many a slip between the cup and the lip. You may have your fancy degree with you and even then you might not be able to find yourself a suitable job. Especially nowadays, any day a backlash can take place. There can be a recession or there can be a downsizing. So, even after getting the job, employees are always in trouble. They are constantly worried whether they are going to be kicked out if there is a need. So, due to all these factors and more, people are trying their level best to stay up to date with the company’s skill requirements. If there is a skill gap that is hindering your progress, here are a few tips that will help you climb up the ladder with more ease and less hassle.

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Degrees are great but if you think that degrees are the end, then you are clearly going wrong. Even after you have your degrees you should go to university or other institutions where they are doing courses on the same topics. These courses will help you to further develop a skill which will boost your existing knowledge in the field with some practical knowledge. This increases your chances of being hired by professionals as well as it adds to your CV. Tighten your skills and get ahead win life with a better job.

Nowadays job search portals are offering online courses for students as well as professionals. The best thing about these courses is that they can be completed from the comfort of your home. All you need is a working internet connection and registration on marajobs.com to access a number of free courses available for professionals and enthusiasts of various fields.

Last but not least, there is one golden rule that you should always adhere to in all walks of life. Otherwise, you will not be able to perform the best and end giving up before the race ends. If you are planning to make a change of career, do take some time to consider the change, and its effects. Try to learn new skills according. Always remember that you are never too old and there is never an age to learning new things. You should always be game for new things. This way you will keep yourself in the game for a long time and be competitive. So, always be open to change. Keep your ears open for new possibilities.


A company is headed by its CEO but CEO is not capable enough to handle everything on his own. A CEO has a lot of pressure and there are millions of things that he has on his mind. So, it is only natural that a thing or two would slip off his mind. Administrative assistants are the backbones of any company. They organize everything. There is so much work going on in any company, starting with hiring to scheduling meetings and appointments, an administrative assistant is needed to manage the bulk of the executive work. If you are applying for such a post, make sure your resume reflects the kinds of things they are looking forward to in your resume. Without an organized resume which clearly states your interests and your past experience or your zeal to work hard if you are a fresher, you do not stand a chance to be hired by the company.

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You need to understand what the company is looking for. This is no big deal because the company has already mentioned in its job description the skills you need to have to apply for the job. After checking the requirements, you should highlight those skills. Often, one skill that may have remained undervalued in your previous company may be the prime interest of your new company. So, make sure you highlight that bit in your resume. If it is organizational and listening skills they are looking for, you should elaborate write on your resume how you fared well in those sectors in your previous company.

It is very important to mention the organizational structures you are familiar with. Whatever the case is you should clearly mention that in your resume. That way it is easier for both the parties. The company knows very well whether you are going to be a valuable employee for the company and you also know what it is they are looking for.

You will have to mention very clearly the technical skills and the soft skills that you need or you are familiar with. These may be communication skills, organizational and problem-solving skills and so much more. Your resume should tell your employer the skillset you have already acquired. To make it even more effective, you should mention the whether you can prioritize things or how do you solve problems with subtlety? This would increase the employer’s confidence in you as they know that you are familiar with the practical side of the work.

It is always better if you grow besides doing your job. This would mean the workshops and certification courses that you have done while working. List all your achievements to improve your resume. This way you would not end up like all the rest. The way you design your resume shows the way you will handle things and the kind of person that you are. After all, your resume is your first impression on the employers.



Whether you want to switch your career or just looking for a job or may just require some inspiration, there’s a podcast for you.

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You are probably pressed for time like everyone else in this job world and this can be great excuse for not getting everything done. But, when it’s about your career, you have to take some time in order to grow and get successful. This is the reason why podcast are great. You can listen them anytime even while you are doing something else, like when you are commuting or while you are cleaning around the house. You can keep yourself up to date by listening to a podcast. Here are some of the podcast that you need to listen in order to check out for your career.

If you want to boost or upgrade your career

  • Productivityist:

This is hosted by Mike Vardy and it is broadcasted on weekly basis. This show will tell you the tips and tricks, which will help you in boosting your productivity, aims and all other aspects of your life. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a change in your habits, want to concentrate on time management or simply want a makeover for your overall productivity, this podcast will fulfil all your needs.

  • Career tools:

This is also a weekly podcast and it focuses on giving your career a new transformation and advancing your career. If you are a new job seeker and is seeking for a jump start, then this podcast will certainly help you achieve whatever you want in your career life.

If you want some quick or practical tips and tricks for your career

  • This is your life podcast:

In this weekly podcast, which is hosted by Michael Hyatt, proffers you some quick and practical tips dedicated to ‘intentional leadership’. The aim of this show is to help you in living a life that is full of passion and let you lead with influence. You’ll be able to work with more passion after listening to this podcast. Topics which are covered in this show are work-life balance, how to vacation like a pro and how to lead in the face of criticism. The show has completed its eighth episode, so until new episodes begin you have a lot of material to catch.

  • The Tim Ferriss show:

Who doesn’t know Tim Ferriss, he is the bestselling author of ‘The 4-hour Workweek’. In this show, he has offered some tricks and tips to focus on your personal life, career and everything else that comes in between. He interviews some well-known people, who have made a reputation in everything from pro sports to investing in chess. Their stories are translated to provide you practical advice that you can use in your real life. With each and every episode you will get some inspiration.

  • Classy Girl Career Podcast:

This show is named by Forbes as one of the top 35 most influential career sites in the year 2014. This show offers various training opportunities, behind-the-scenes audios, interviews and even presentations in order to help you to get ahead in this competitive world. For example, in the current episode a conversation was featured about one of the guests who gave up her corporate job to start a new business. There are other topics too like how to get over the stage fear or speaking fears or when to realize that it’s time to change your career.

So, if you need a bit of inspiration or simply want to motivate yourself to start your own business, then you must not miss these podcasts!


If we ask you when was the last time you were peacefully breathing without any additional stress or thought, you would probably reply that you do not even have time to think about the answer. And that is how our world has become today. People hardly have time to think, stay still, or even breathe. The work pressure is at its peak and the competitive dynamics is like never before. Success is the ladder and all there is to do is climb. So what can you do to stand out in this rat race? How do you get yourself noticed amongst the hundred hardworking employees and come across as ‘the one’ in the crowd?


Success is not always achieved the hard way, sometimes, going the smart way is the key. If you believe by working day and night, for more hours than your co employees can get you recognition and the big appraisal or promotion that you have been waiting for, then sorry to burst your happy bubble, but that’s not how race to success works. ‘Time is money’, is probably oldest adage and the most basic fundamental policy followed by any corporate organization. It does not matter how long you stay in the office or if you are leaving after everyone. Your employers have hired you to work as efficiently and execute as much result in a limited period of time as you can. Your time management skills and work proficiency is what gets you noticed in front of your supervisors and not rigorous late night hours in the office.

Be more noticeable and actively present in your office. Locked in your cabin, you will just be a name on the door with the set of assigned works. Be more passionate about your projects and assignments. Talk and discuss your innovative ideas and reforms with your superiors and get yourself noticed in group and such meetings. Pitch your voice and stick to your thoughts. Let your seniors see the confidence and dedication in you that they look for in any potential talent.

Interpersonal relationship in any company between the co employees or between employers and employees is as necessary as any between the company and its clients. If you do not have a network inside your company, then we are afraid to say but you are just a lost face amidst the hundred others. Creating network gives you and your work better chance of recognition and appreciation. Networking with your colleagues gives you a better perspective of other departments of your office, thus making you more aware and updated with the office in goings. Try networking with your superiors steadily and gradually. Use your boss’s help for that matter. This would avoid making any situation awkward when you will have to contact your higher authorities randomly.

Guidance is something that one needs since childhood till later stages in life. Proper guidance from the right teacher can make a student realize his best potential and outgrow his performance over the years. The same goes in corporate world. A right mentor can set you in the direction of success and progress that you might have been missing for a long time. These mentors can point out your biggest strength and weakness and help you work on them to channelize them in your most resourceful way. They can introduce you to new as well as existing opportunities and guide you in the most subtle manner to access them.

So start planning your goals and objectives to excel in your career and work hard, but smartly to achieve them.


When you apply to the job, it is very important that you do not appear as one from the crowd, you need to appear as the one outside the crowd for people to notice you. With the outgrowing competition between companies, firms, employees and candidates, it is almost impossible for someone to hold their individuality. The uniqueness of your talent and caliber gets somehow lost in the crowd and you become one of the thousand faces that go unnoticed every year. To make your resume and your personality stand out for your desired job, you need follow these simple yet useful advises.

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A thorough research on the company before you go for the interview will help you get an idea of what the company may be expecting. What’s the company all about? How and when was it founded? What is the total revenue of the company? What are its achievements and success till date? These are the profound questions that need your attention. Having great knowledge about the company you are interviewing in sets an impressive image of you since the beginning. It shows your commitment, loyalty and dedication to the company as an employee and how serious you are about landing that job and not just any job.

Have an online portfolio. Company likes to do a background check on their potential employees and what other source is better than social media? Provide links to your social media accounts so that your company can get to know more about your personality and interests. If you have your own page or website, that’s even better.

Customize your resume. If you seriously think that recruiters in corporative firms have time to go through each and every resume that they come across, then you have to be humoring yourself. It is advisable you make your resume in sync with the job you are applying to rather than a common general resume. Recruiters are not interested in reading your skills that are not required for the job profile you are applying for. So make sure your resume, the mentioned strength, skills and experience in it tell your recruiter why you are most suitable for the applied job and not for any job.

Right personality and right attitude can take you places where normal sheet of paper can’t. Your resume is nothing if you do not hold the right attitude to execute it in the interview. Big firms and companies already have ample of options of highly skilled, well qualified and majorly experienced candidates to choose from. So what is that they ultimately decide from? It is how you come across during your interview. How confident you are, how fluently can you answer the questions and how nicely can you sell your perks, these are the pointers any interviewer looks for in the candidate. Be confident, smiling and bold with your answers. Show them your creative side as well as uniqueness and they are bound to get impressed.

Let them know you are planning to stay with the company for the long run and how you can be a great asset to them. No one wants to invest in employees who have the potential to ditch the firm at any stage. Talk about your ideas and your expectations for the company and with the company. Discuss strategies and ideas that you plan to execute if you were an employee of the company and how such planning has worked for you in your past job.


Did the change in seasons leave an impact on you and you want to quit your old job to navigate new waters? That sounds perfect! However, if it is a forced change that you are planning to undertake because you are having issues with your bullying boss, we will be happy to help. Here are some ideas that you can try out before quitting your job because, of course, either for the salary or for the working environment or for some unknown third reason, you chose to join the company some time back.

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Bullying boss is a frequently occurring problem in many workplaces. Often, in fact, the employees prefer to leave their jobs silently before taking an issue with the boss. That is not the best you can do because there may be others who are facing a similar kind of problem and just like you, they are also not being able to blurt it out as they are not brave enough and fear the dire consequences. So, someone has to bell the cat and who is better than you. Besides, talking it out would not necessarily mean encouraging a foul face-off and can be dealt with professionally if a plan can be adopted or the whole thing can be divided into stages.

As you join any new office, you are assigned a mentor who would be taking care of your workplace problems. So, if you are facing a bullying boss issue, you can confide in your trusted friend. Come on, we all know how that can be slightly effort-taking as you do not really know this person for a long time but this is the best you have got. And may be, in your case, this person is actually trustworthy. So, share your problem with your colleague and you can hope for a quick resolve. This friend of yours is remotely related to your department but she has been there with the company for quite some time now and knows the people. So, your trusted mentor can lead you in the right path. Now you know how you should tackle your officious boss.

If that does not resolve the problem, you can directly go and talk with the boss. Of course, this is a daunting task and easier said than done as the employee clearly fears the boss and emotions are running high to make him go speechless or steer the conversation in a different direction even if a meeting is scheduled. Go prepared and be armed with possible solutions so that both of you can find a middle path to work together. Clearly, the company needs both of you. Be frank and sensible. Your boss should know that you have taken into consideration the fact that she was in a bad mood or under terrible pressure. This might help resolve or diffuse the tension.

Speak to HR if other options are not working out well. This includes lodging a formal complaint. This is a serious move and requires some effort on your part. This formalizes the entire process. You should do it if things got too serious and you are suffering a lot. Remember there might be others facing the same problem. So, do not lose your self-confidence. Go ahead and do it.

In the whole time, do not question yourself or do not be too harsh on yourself if you hear others say things about you. Office takes up almost your entire day and it should not be a burden to you. You should feel positive about your job and the workplace environment. However, there is a difference between a challenging boss and a bullying one. Know the difference and work your way through it. Make your office life fun again!