Ways to Make New Employees Feel Welcome

Even though an employer today, you too must have been an employee to some company someday. Did it feel like an alien or were you welcomed warmly? Well, the experiences differ from person to person. But in these years of experience, you might have learnt that it is really important to welcome an employee on the first day. It isn’t tough to overlook employees on their first day. Responsibilities and other important schedules of office sometimes make it difficult for you to take some time out for your new member. But doing this will not only make a new recruit feel less alien, but also let him/her understand the new workplace better.


Here are some tips that might be of some help to you in welcoming your new employee:

  1. A Warm Welcome

It is very important to note that you do not leave your employee waiting outside for someone to go and receive them. This can build up a very bad impression of the company in the mind of the employee on the first day itself. It is always great if a senior employee goes and greets the new hire as the first impression is said to determine the tone of any relationship.

  1. Introduction

It is very important for one to be introduced to the employees of the new company. Yes, it is true that one cannot remember all the names on the first day itself. But, at the same time, this can be ensured that he/she is introduced at least to their team mates and the important people in the company. It is also necessary that emails are sent to every staff member to make the arrival of the new employee known.

  1. Getting the Work Station Ready

Things might have been different when you were an employee. But with time, things have become very sophisticated. New technologies and the changing means of communication have made it mandatory for an office to have access to every necessary tool to carry out the daily work. So, what you need to do is firstly have the workstation ready for the new employee. This may consist of a telephone functioning properly, a computer in good condition and a proper place to sit and work.

  1. Assigning Work and taking the Employee through your Expectation

Well, corporate sector is all about how great a service you can provide to your clients in order to satisfy them. To start with, you need to first assign the job to your new employee and tell him how work in your company is done. There will be proper rules on how things are to be carried forward. An employee needs to be told about every important thing and also your expectation from him/her.

  1. Paperwork

Lastly, it is very important to let the new employee know about his/her benefits, payroll and other salary related issues. So, you should instruct the HR department to carry out with the paperwork.