How to Deal with Workplace Competition

Competition – does it not sound exciting? Well, I am not talking of competitions at the school level. It is neither about the competition of life. It is about competition in work, at office and in business. It can both be positive and negative. The positive force will push you to do your best work and thereby strengthen your company and increase your job security and potential rewards. However, some people get possessed by negative morale and try to reach the goal by all means; does not matter if it means to step on your head.



There are certain ways though, that will undoubtedly help you to handle such hyper-competitive colleagues. Here are some tips for you to deal with such a situation:


Negative minded people may do anything to reach where they want to reach. The fact is that most of the time they fail in being successful. But that is another part of the story. But they will try every means to divert your mind from the main task. In such situations, you should keep in mind that one should stay focused on what is required to be done. The past performances and experiences should be used to set goals and pave ways to reach there.

Relationship Building

It is very important for a person to build good relationships with colleagues within the company. At the same time, it is also important to see that you do not end up making friends with over-competitive co-workers. Being choosy is very important. Not only does it gains you respect, but also adds to your value. Praising others on their success is sign of a leader and adds a lot of positivist. Try to stick to such demeanor’s when in office.


Most people do this mistake of regarding their co-workers as rivals. But this is neither right, nor very healthy when it comes to an impact on the personality. Therefore it is suggested that you view your co-workers as collaborators and think as if you are working together to achieve the same goal. When required, do not mind asking them for any kind of guidance or views. This would help in building a positive energy around.

It can be a positive force that pushes you to do your best work, thereby strengthening your company and increasing your job security and potential rewards.


A neutral approach is not always the best option. It’s good at first but if things reach the extent of your ideas being stolen, you being attacked in different ways in your field of work, it is better that you do not stay silent anymore. But at the same time, you should also keep an eye on the fact that your reasons are solid enough before you let your boss know about what has been going on.


So, in order to survive numerous attacks and still get going, it is necessary that you keep the mentioned things in mind. They will surely prove to be helpful.