10 Mistakes You Make While Negotiating Salaries

Job hunting and deciding your first salary like a pro is like a driver taking his first u- turn. If the turn is clear cut, you reach your target …if u don’t …u are volte- faced i.e. you don’t know where you landed. Job in satisfaction, both on part of the employer and the employee comes in huge volume or worse losing the job offer you worked so hard to achieve. So what are the mistakes generally committed? Read on….


Settling or not negotiating Not negotiating?!! I mean…Duhh!! What were you thinking? Female or novice job seekers generally do this. Lower salaries and virtually a no pension scheme bring dissatisfaction and shattering of few dreams. No one is at loss except perhaps the employee.

Revealing how much you would accept – The common mistake committed is revealing your expectations. As they say expectation more from yourself is more worthy than from others, for it might just hurt you. You reveal your salary expectation and you are playing a losing game my friend. The earlier you reveal this information, the less chance of getting a good salary. While negotiating, of course, the interviewer first asks your expectation, in such a condition you elocution skills comes to rescue. Try to remain as committal as you can.

Greed is not after all a good thing- Avarice was never a good virtue. Apart from being a sin it not only hampers your image in front of the employer, in fact the chance of getting the job also disappears. So advice is, weigh yourself, understand you true worth and negotiate right.

Making a salary pitch too early – If the interviewer starts asking questions and you start babbling about your salary expectations too soon, i.e. even before the interviewer asks about it, you are creating the wrong picture. Be calm. Be patient and wait for the question to pop up.

Taking the job offer too quickly – Contemplate, think and choose wisely. These days when job searches go on for so long, it’s important to take your time and choose which the best is. You are worth it.

Declining job offer too quickly – Just as taking a job offer too quickly rejecting it too quickly is also one of the minuses. Again thinking well before declining it a good option. Think about the pros and cons and then decide whether you want to keep the job or not.

Asking for too many changes – While you are being offered the job be courteous. Remember he/she is the boss and don’t ask for more than you deserve. Don’t ask for too many changes. Going through a trial and error method is not a good idea after all.

Don’t take salary negotiations too personally –  Whatever the business don’t take the salary negotiations too personally. You receive the offer letter or not, remember they at least considered you. Let bygones be bygones. Don’t burn your bridge before you cross it.

Weak research – Do your homework. See what the job scene in the market is. What the salary is, the work timings, the company profile etc. After all, you don’t want to see yourself placed in a muddle.

Not asking for final offer in writing – Selected? Yippee… you have done it! Just one more thing, ask for the offer letter. If something goes wrong in the future, you can use this offer letter as a major Red Flag that something is seriously wrong.