6 Criteria to screen Resumes and Cover Letters

Resumes and Cover Letters have been a major role player in the process of recruitment. On one hand where a resume conveys the details about a candidate, on the other hand a cover letter is an introduction and a sort of summary to the resume.

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To be precise, a letter that introduces an employee to an employer, explaining the purpose and highlighting a few of his/her experiences is known as a cover letter. You as an employer should keep in mind that it is not merely a summarized document, but a mirror that reflects the effective communication of a candidate.

Along with the cover letter, a resume describing the detailed information about the candidate’s educational and professional career is attached. It should be seen that both the documents are at par with one another in terms of the details mentioned.

Here are 6 criteria under which resumes and cover letters should be screened in order to select the right candidate:

  1. The Necessity

It should firstly be seen that a resume is complemented with a cover letter. It proves that the candidate is fully aware of the ethics behind preparing these documents. It will also make your job easier as sorting employees according to what they are applying for becomes clear in the cover letter itself.

  1. Rewriting

While going through the documents, you should see that the cover letter does its own task of introducing the candidate and the resume serves the purpose of clarifying the details of one’s career. What should be kept in mind is that none of it should be the duplicate of the other. If you see that the resume relates the same things as mentioned in the cover letter, then you can well understand how good this candidate in communicating is.

  1. Evidence of Quality

It is very important to see that whatever has been mentioned in the resume qualifies the qualities you are looking for in this candidate. If you see that the highlighted points on his qualities satisfy your need, you can go for it. There is a tough chance that he would not become a good employee someday with added experience.

  1. Reflection on Personality

A cover letter is nothing but a mirror that reflects the personality of a candidate. It shows how well versed he/she is and how well is the purpose understood by the same. If you feel that they have your need and have prepared oneself accordingly, you can definitely expect the best from them.

  1. Presentation

Though this sounds like a school-level criteria, it has a lot to say about the person being interviewed. His/her neatness, the way they present these documents and their simple but important things that get reflected through their writing plays a vital role.

  1. Contact Details

Added to all of the above are the contact details that should be there in both the documents. It is like a proper ‘finishing’ to both the works.