Don’t Despair, Your Perfect Job Awaits YOU!


‘Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies.’

-Shaw shank Redemption

This dialogue is apt for job seekers who are on a constant lookout for jobs but haven’t received a positive response yet. It is very frustrating to keep on waiting for your dream job. So what’s important in such a situation?


It is advised not to get bogged down by peer pressure and become depressed because of your friends getting placements. You may have to give out over a hundred CVs to potential employers and hiring managers. There will be days where you might want to give up but DO NOT LOSE HOPE.

It will be your day very soon

The Hope

Everyone here knows about various motivational stories that aim to inspire us. You might feel that these stories seem mythical and far-fetched, especially during this exasperating time of waiting. But these are true accounts and if you keep your belief intact and not lose hope, you’re sure to succeed

The Strategy

  • Identify the specific person or industry that you are seeking a job from. Take control and decide what fits for you
  • Take Career Tests or Personality Tests if you are having a hard time determining your ideal job profile
  • When you are focused, you are most likely to be better prepared with knowledge and skill required for working in your preferred industry
  • You can utilize your waiting period by honing a specific skill set
  • Always look your best during public interactions and be professional. Increase your network and avail all your opportunities

 Be prepared

  • Always stay prepared to explain and elaborate on your skills and experiences that would benefit their business
  • Memorize your pitching statement and always try and improve your attitude as well as how you project yourself.
  • Listen to any feedback you get, no matter if it is appreciative or critical
  • Do NOT appear desperate

Always believe that you are an asset waiting to be discovered!