How to INSPIRE your Team


Every employee has a long list of office gossip and stories. Some of us have worked under several bosses, each with their own special qualities and even faults. No matter how good or bad your boss was, they did teach you something or the other —team management, time management and many other tricks of the trade.

Your employees must know what you envision and expect out of them in order to perform at the best of their abilities. This knowledge is extremely useful for your team. The better you communicate, the more efficient your employees are.


Some bosses are not able to give proper time and guidance to their juniors who start feeling lost and their performance suffers a great deal.  Some employees might take this personally and sulk or quit. Some others might start looking at other avenues for advice and suggestions.

A big tip to all you future leaders- learn to delegate work, if you feel overburdened. You are human too and would also feel the stress of work. Likewise, try and understand the pressures of your staff too. Everyone needs empathy to be happy in life and as a direct consequence, be satisfied with his or her work place

Focus on solutions

Quite often, people have a tendency to rant about the problems and obstacles they are facing and not concentrate on solutions. This causes wastage of precious time and effort that could have been invested in finding solutions and getting the team back on track.

Learn to transform concerns and situations into concrete problems, which would have concrete solutions. Don’t waste energy in stressing about what’s wrong. Instead, direct your efforts in making things right.

Lead by example

The easiest and the most efficient way to lead a team is to lead by example. Work not only hard, but smart. Always remember to punch in more time than your juniors, work more diligently than them in order to inspire them.

Follow these pointers and implement them so that your staff will love you and follow you.