Things that you should avoid after getting a promotion

It is in the nature of almost all human beings to take a step forward, move a little higher and see themselves getting promoted in terms of rank and hence superiority. And each and every being cherishes their achievements. But it is also a very common phenomenon to see that those who rise also change the way they deal with people.


Imagine yourself to be someone who just got promoted. Wow!! Does it not sound exciting? Of course it does. It is same with all of us. Right from the day we start working in a company, we have this thought of being promoted somewhere in the back of our minds. And then when the day finally approaches, all we want to do is relish the victory. But you should not forget that with great power comes great responsibility.

From an individual contributor to a leader, it is a great leap and mind you, it can be real challenging. Here are some of the very common mistakes that you should avoid:

The Trust Factor

Do you also believe that trust can be earned only over a period of time? Well, then this must also be true that you trust only those who you think are worthy of it. The same is the case with all the others. It will take good amount of time for your subordinates to build that trust on you as a leader.

It is found that with growing trust, the operational speed increases. It is very important to make others in your team feel that you trust them and believe that their way of looking at things and working on the same idea will lead to a great outcome. You need to express these things openly. This will make things easier and work faster. Being stingy with complements is what you really need to avoid.

Do not Avoid Uncomfortable Conversations

Many a times it is seen that some talks are not very comfortable. There are a lot of people who do not prefer talking about certain things, listening to someone else hence try to avoid such encounters. But as a leader it is suggested that you should be a patient listener. A talk might not be very comfortable. But it is your duty to lend your ears and hence find a solution immediately. Avoiding them will only mean that you are letting problems pile up just because certain things do not come under your comfort zone. Remember that uncomfortable talks are ‘just’ uncomfortable; they will not take your life.

Avoid solving problems for Everyone

Your main objective is to work for the growth of the company and see that along with this, the other employees too are growing. But if in order to validate your role and prove your mettle, you keep solving everyone’s problems, it is a great mistake you are making. You are firstly wasting a lot of time and secondly, you are not giving enough opportunities to your employees to grow.