Ways by which a Manager can build Trust in Workplace

I suppose you too are an employee and you must be working under some employee. Between you and the employer, there must be a manager under whom you work and report to. But do you trust your manager? Trust comes only after you develop an admiration for your manager for some reason or the other. So, do you see any special trait that makes you admire him/her apart from him/her being in a better position than yourself?

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In general, only a handful of employees trust and like their managers. Studies have found out that less than 47% of the employees trust their organisation. This fact itself is more than enough to reveal that only a few of them trust their managers.

But honestly, trust is the most important element required to build a cooperative and efficient workplace environment. So, here are several ways in which a manager can build trust in workplace:

  • Practicing Honesty:

You must have heard that in many big companies and offices, the senior management tries to hide difficult news from employees at times. The major reason behind this is the fact that in some way or the other, it demoralises the employees. But it is said that even during tough times, one should remain honest if he/she wants be prove to be a great leader. No matter if it is a problem of salary or the company’s failure to prove itself in the market, the ability to deal with the situation and be clear to the employees can be one of the easiest ways to win trust.

  • Limiting Lectures:

Many a times we happen to come across managers who have the habit of throwing lectures on employees in order to make sure that they perform better. Occasionally, it looks and seems fair. But if this keeps on repeating, employees tend to develop a negative attitude towards these lectures. They start feeling that the manager in reality doubts the capability of his/her employees’ decision making capability. So, it is very important that a good manager avoids too much of lecturing.

  • Recognising your Employees:

Whether you are a manger or a team-leader, it is very important that you recognise the capabilities of your team and appreciate the good work of your people in front of the rest of the employees. Acknowledgement plays a crucial role when it comes to the matter of being liked and trusted.

  • Admitting Mistakes:

We have already discussed that being too honest in a company is not easy. And even more difficult is admitting that you are also one of them who is to blame for all that has happened, but should not have happened. It is very important to take responsibility when required. It is one of the main features of a good manager.

So, if a manager wants to prove that he/she is trustworthy, they should remember and practice these above suggested points.