Why It’s Important to Measure Interview Satisfaction Ratings

The first thing that comes in mind when one hears about interview satisfaction ratings is –employer satisfaction or employee satisfaction?

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Both… only difference are well, commitment.

In today’s world where competition is so tough and everyone is in a rat race, it’s difficult to fish out the best from the huge pool of talent. Let’s look at this scenario from both the perspective:-

Employee satisfaction vs. employer satisfaction

The employer most of the time is looking at interviewee satisfaction measures, but what he should be looking at is how engaging the employee or the applicant can be. Such type of applicant i.e. the one who just came for the job, does work well, but their prime motive is not the organization’s well-being, but a good salary. Surveys prove that companies with high employee engagement score fare better. Such type of employees or applicants boosts up the company’s performance and the profits of the company increase many folds because there is customer satisfaction. Sadly the picture is grim, for only a small percentage of employees are engaged to their work.

 So what does interview engagement look like

When a person goes for an interview he generally looks out for the following things:-

  1. A safe and happy future.
  2. A sense of purpose
  3. Healthy relationships

An effective system of monitoring leads to realisation of all three purposes.

Engagement occurs when an employee feels an emotional connect to the company.

He becomes more productive, as a result:-

  1. He/she collaborates to create more innovative ideas.
  2. Is positively charged

So while taking the interview, the interviewer should make the interview more engaging and tell the applicant about the positive things he can gain by working in the organisation. Remember, ‘Happy people are better workers.’

How to measure applicant or employee engagement

Some basic information can be put up in front of the employee /applicant such as-

  • His opinion would always count.
  • His/her fellow workers would be as competitive and as hard working.
  • After a certain period he could expect an appraisal.
  • There would always be someone to encourage him/her.