Ways to Get Employees to Take Vacation

A look at the title and you must be wondering if there is any employer who would encourage the employees to take vacations. Well, yes!! This has in fact become a serious issue in several countries. In the year 2015, a survey conducted in America found that more than half the workers there did not use the paid vacations. This was more in America compared to any other nation where employees routinely took at least six weeks off per year. This has left a very bad impact both on the employees’ health and the company’s health.


Below discussed are a few ways that can make your employees take some days off from work:

  • Minimum instead of maximum:

Some companies have now realized the ill effects of employees not taking any breaks and therefore have focused on minimum number of vacation days instead of maximum time off. One can also start small if the thought of a full day leave frightens the employees. In order to do so, some stress-relief breaks can be allowed in between a regular work day.

  • Granting Non-Holiday Offs:

Have you ever been a part of a company that sees endless work during busy seasons? Well, employees in such companies overwork to meet deadlines. But they do need breaks when it all dies off and they are left tired and burned out. This is when they really need a couple of days to re –energize themselves and take care of their mental health. What an employer can do is provide such small breaks to the hard working employees or shut down the office for a day or two. This would mean that the employees would not fear returning to a mountain of work after the holidays.

  • Discussions on the benefits of taking Vacations:

What if your employer comes up to you and asks you to take a day off? Would it not really be a pleasant surprise? Well, many employees do not really know that even their employers want them to go on holidays at least when they are paid. They need to be told the mutual benefits that it involves. This would make them realise that days off are important and it won’t hurt their reputation around the office.

  • Avoid Workaholics:

It is very important to develop a balanced company culture with rules such as employees not being allowed to work more than 40 hours a week and that they must leave at a stipulated time and cannot exceed that regardless of how much they are yet to finish.


In order to reach to the top of the corporate ladder, many employees skip vacations. But this has always been a failure as employees who take vacation have a better chance of getting promoted and a raise by 6.5 percent. But the benefit works both ways, meaning that even the employer gains from this as their employees after a break perform better than they did before.