If we ask you when was the last time you were peacefully breathing without any additional stress or thought, you would probably reply that you do not even have time to think about the answer. And that is how our world has become today. People hardly have time to think, stay still, or even breathe. The work pressure is at its peak and the competitive dynamics is like never before. Success is the ladder and all there is to do is climb. So what can you do to stand out in this rat race? How do you get yourself noticed amongst the hundred hardworking employees and come across as ‘the one’ in the crowd?


Success is not always achieved the hard way, sometimes, going the smart way is the key. If you believe by working day and night, for more hours than your co employees can get you recognition and the big appraisal or promotion that you have been waiting for, then sorry to burst your happy bubble, but that’s not how race to success works. ‘Time is money’, is probably oldest adage and the most basic fundamental policy followed by any corporate organization. It does not matter how long you stay in the office or if you are leaving after everyone. Your employers have hired you to work as efficiently and execute as much result in a limited period of time as you can. Your time management skills and work proficiency is what gets you noticed in front of your supervisors and not rigorous late night hours in the office.

Be more noticeable and actively present in your office. Locked in your cabin, you will just be a name on the door with the set of assigned works. Be more passionate about your projects and assignments. Talk and discuss your innovative ideas and reforms with your superiors and get yourself noticed in group and such meetings. Pitch your voice and stick to your thoughts. Let your seniors see the confidence and dedication in you that they look for in any potential talent.

Interpersonal relationship in any company between the co employees or between employers and employees is as necessary as any between the company and its clients. If you do not have a network inside your company, then we are afraid to say but you are just a lost face amidst the hundred others. Creating network gives you and your work better chance of recognition and appreciation. Networking with your colleagues gives you a better perspective of other departments of your office, thus making you more aware and updated with the office in goings. Try networking with your superiors steadily and gradually. Use your boss’s help for that matter. This would avoid making any situation awkward when you will have to contact your higher authorities randomly.

Guidance is something that one needs since childhood till later stages in life. Proper guidance from the right teacher can make a student realize his best potential and outgrow his performance over the years. The same goes in corporate world. A right mentor can set you in the direction of success and progress that you might have been missing for a long time. These mentors can point out your biggest strength and weakness and help you work on them to channelize them in your most resourceful way. They can introduce you to new as well as existing opportunities and guide you in the most subtle manner to access them.

So start planning your goals and objectives to excel in your career and work hard, but smartly to achieve them.