Juggling. The dictionary describes it as ‘to cope with adroit balancing’. This act of balancing is something most of us practice every day. You may have seen a career woman juggle her career with her household duties or you may see a child balancing out his academics with his daily sports routine. That’s the key word to excellence-‘balancing’.

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Consider a real life situation. You are working in a company which offers you one of the best salaries in the industry. Still… you want a job change. There may be many reasons for this. May be the company environment doesn’t suit you. You are not comfortable working with a particular employee. May be you are looking out for better avenues. There a reasons aplenty.

So, how to job hunt when you can’t leave your Job yet? Well… this is the time when the word ‘balancing’ holds relevance. You have to balance your current job while exploring other job avenues. So, what measures should be taken when you are job hunting, while holding you current job position? Read on….

When you are job hunting you need to reveal to someone you’re secrets. Telling your boss about this, I don’t think is a good idea, until and unless, of course, you think, he is someone you can hold confidante. If he is someone you can completely trust then, no problem. However, if that’s not the case then holding up your secret is a necessary evil you must harbour.

Don’t look out for the job during your working hours. This hampers your current working scenario. Not only, is there a risk of losing your current position, but at the same time one may not be able to search out for his future job efficiently. Do the job search after office hours or during off days. This eases out a lot of pressure from under your shoulders.

Never use your company e-mail address or your company’s phone number in your professional account or in your resume. This is strict no-no. One can imagine the consequences after you commit this blunder. The other companies will start contacting you on your given contact details and your current job may be in danger even before you leave it.

Last, but not the least, update your current resume. After you joined the current job, it may be possible you didn’t do that. If that is the case then updating your resume means adding new qualifications to your existing CV. This in a way enhances your resume and makes it hold more relevance in the job market.