Time for some self assessment

Self evaluation means assessing your performance and how you have contributed to the growth of the company. So, what points should you cover while doing a self evaluation or rather how to write a self evaluation? Here are some tips-


Write down about your performance. Give a brief account of the type of productivity you showed towards the company you were or are working in. Be brutally honest. Your productivity is something which is subject to scrutiny and you will be marked according to your performance. If your productivity was below average, then tell the truth for if the companies find them to be in genuine in the future, then your reputation in the market will be hampered.

Share your knowledge with others. If you learned new skills while working in the company, add that. This will only make people learn that how efficient you were while working in the company.

If you did something, which was beneficial to the company and added to the goodwill of the company in the market, then share that with the people. This will make people know that how you can work as an asset for the company.

Take your time to jot down your self appraisal or self evaluation. You are worth the trouble. Tell the people your story. Your highs and lows in life and how you overcame the difficulties. Speak up, we are interested and we are listening.

Don’t hurry to complete it as quickly as possible, slow down the process. Be assertive in your approach and don’t try to finish it in one go. Take this as a piece of art which requires time and patience to build up. You want to cast the right impressions, don’t you?

So, you may see that self evaluation is in a way beneficial not only to the company, but also profitable for you. Self evaluation helps you study your problem areas and strengthen your stronger points. Assessment is an integral part of life and allows you know your flaws and strengths. It makes you into develop into a better person.