How To Start Your Second Innings In An Interview

Getting a call for a second round after you cleared your first round of interview is not something we would say is a happy experience. If the first round was a telephonic one, then do not worry a call for second interview is nothing to worry about. This in fact, spells good news. This only means, now you have to prepare for a one on one interview and there is possibility of you getting selected. In case the scenario is something else that is, you cleared your first interview and yet there is a call for a second round, still there is nothing to panic.

This only means now you will be interviewed by some higher authority or by some higher level of the HR team. So, how to prepare for a second interview?


If you got a call for a second interview in mail, then it is a good thing for it means now you have some time and can do some time of prepping up before you go for the interview.

You may have guessed till now, that the first round was just a warm up session and the second round may be the final round and the deciding factor in your selection by the company. Hence, this time before going in for the second interview, just brush up your knowledge little bit. This may sound not so important. But, this may be necessary for this time you do not want to be less prepared as you were before.

Do a little research on the person who you are going to meet. This, lets you know things like the position he is working in and helps you frame a dossier of questions you think you will be asked.

Dress up as you did for the first interview. Be formal in your attire and be smart and savvy in your approach.

When you are called for the second interview, you may not know what type of questions you will be bombarded with. My advice, don’t panic under such conditions and turn yourself around as the flow takes you.

So, one may see that getting a call for a second interview is not a bad thing after all, for as they say ‘life always offers you second chances, it is called a tomorrow’…a brighter tomorrow that is.