How to climb up the ladder of success or rather how to get a promotion? Here are some tips you can follow-


If you want to grow up, then, first thing first. Choose the right company. This is important because if the company is not good, then all your efforts would be to no avail. Select a company which provides employee benefits and ensures you that you and your efforts will be cared for.

Give your best shot. Work to your full potential. Have a good attendance and maintain punctuality. Being on time definitely helps and being five minutes earlier is excellent. Complete the projects assigned to you on time. Good work never goes unnoticed.

Maintain a good rapport with your team mates. Be humane in your approach. Good manners, good communication skills and a quality to empathize with your colleagues help you in the long run.

Be sure that your performance is being evaluated. It will be beneficial to you in the long run. If you achieved the targets and are being overlooked by the HR people for some reason or other, tell them about it. It’s your legal right.

Try and be an all rounder. If the company needs help in other department, then try to assist them in their problems if you can. This will accentuate your value in the company and the HR team may offer you some kind of appraisal or the other.

Maintain good relationship with your boss as well as your juniors. The reason being if you have a good rapport with your superior, you can look forward to his help when in need. Having a mentor helps a lot in the long run. Similarly, you need to groom a junior and maintain good cordial relationship with him, so that when you leave the company for some reason he or she can fill into your shoes.

Hence, we can see that getting a promotion is no rocket science, but just requires little bit of meticulous planning and common sense.