How to build resilience amongst employees

They say that that there is nothing as resilient in nature as the human spirit. Ups and downs are part of life. Falling is natural, but it is getting up  what counts.


Career wise too, we go through various phases. Some rising and some downhill. It is in the downhill phase that the employees need help and support. So, here are some pointers on how to build your business’ resilience while supporting your employees:-

Lead by example- You are the boss. The employees consider you the leader and it’s obvious that they are going to follow you. So, it’s important that you create the right example in front of them. Stay strong and stand tall. If you are strong, then your employees will follow suit and this will develop resilient quotient amongst your employees.

Try and build employee unity-Unity is strength. Employees should work in cohesion. This way if one employee is lagging behind, then the other one can help out. This will uplift the resilient quotient of the employees and increase the efficiency of the company.

Support your employees– This is vital. Do lend that helping hand to your employees. In case the employee is facing some dilemma and going through a low phase, your help and support will uplift their morale. This will increase their buoyancy  and make them strive in difficult situations.

Encourage– Encouragement is important. Praise the employees for good performance. This will not only boost their morale, but uplift their drive to perform better.

Communication- Do build up a good rapport with your employees. Good communication goes a long way. Communicate and build personal relationship with them. Say healing words. In case the employees are facing some dilemma in life, do empathise with them. This will build their resilience and increase their capacity to bounce back.

As we can see that resilience is an important virtue. As they say, our greatest glory is not in never falling, but getting up every time we do. A little support is all the employees need to build up their resilience quotient.





Are you getting the most out of Job Search Portals?

Job portals have become the ultimate solution when it comes to getting a job. Whether you are looking for a job as a fresher or a job change from your present company, job search portals allows you to continue your search without going door to door, company to company. However, there are very few people who have been optimizing the use of these portals. Usually, all we rely on to is a CV copied from some of our friends. Everybody knows that CV is important to make an impression. Before the interview, it is solely that one document which does all the talking, but when it comes to applying for jobs through a portal, there are other things to consider. In order to stand out, we must take in account some crucial points.

mara8 20 2 17.png

Apart from a good CV which is an important factor to make an impressive dint, it is also necessary to take an idea of where you land on the scale of skills and knowledge for the companies looking at profiles of many prospective candidates with the same professional training that you have got. Standing apart is important, and with a number of online tools which job search engines offer, one can get an idea on many points. For example, you can get a CV score that helps you determine whether your CV is interesting and compelling enough or not. It can also throw some light on the areas where you need to improve. Besides that, you can take some of the free courses offered by the website, and it can help you claim that you have extra skills which the other candidates may lack.

So, what is the procedure one should follow while looking out for a job? After registering on the job search portal and filling out the application, review your CV. Get a CV score! Improvise, accordingly. Do not miss on adding crucial details, such as dates of joining and leaving, including your interests, mentioning skills such as communication, time management, and presentation skills. You may also add a cover page and a one line objective. Remember to add only necessary personal details. Also, unless you are a fresher and you really do not have anything to write on your CV, do not add the extra-curricular activity certificates you got in school. Those are not meant for your CV!

After you have a good CV in hand, take time to search jobs of your interest. Visit the company websites that you would be willing to work for, and read about them. It is important to have some knowledge about the company where you are applying for a job interview. Job portals help you access hundreds of companies at once. Make use of that opportunity to research and explore all the possibilities. You can increase the prospects of getting a job if you put in some extra efforts that the other candidates aren’t. Don’t forget to make use of the tools that job portals offer to help you increase your chances of getting hired. All you have to do is set a good profile for your job search portal account and get ready for the job you really deserve!

Types of HR Technologies Organization Must have by 2020

HR department is the most important department in any office. It is much required to maintain the working in the office. But, to maintain the proper functioning of HR department, some technologies are required. Further in this article, we are going to discuss different types of HR technologies that an organization must have.

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1.) Talent Acquisition : It comprises the tools that are needed to recruit, source and on board a new employee.

2.) Sourcing : Also termed as ‘recruitment marketing’, sourcing is the processes of discovery of potential talent.

3.) Applicant Tracking System (ATS) : It is the core of the recruitment operation. Typically, it comprises the elements of hiring and searchable resume database.

4.) Pre-Hire Screening and Assessment : Personality tests, reference checks, polygraphs and background checks have levels of data flow and automation. Pre-Hire Screening and Assessment tool is therefore very much important.

5.) On boarding : This technology is primarily used for the allocation of software and passwords and it also standardize the competition of regulatory forms. It is occasionally used to alleviate the new employee’s move to productivity.

6.) Learning and Development (L&D) : L&D department utilizes learning management system (LMS) to support design, development, acquisition and record-keeping of the corporate training.

7.) Performance Management (PM) : It does not only asses the employee performance but also track goals. Replace traditional PM tools with modern software and execute on annual basis.

8.) Compensation : This software is used to verify that company is adhering to its compensation philosophy and offering competitive wages.

9.) Succession Planning : Succession planning technology is to comprehend what will happen in unforeseen environments. It tracks and manages the decision related to management replacements.

10.) Workforce Planning : Aligning the priorities and requirements of the organization is something that falls under workforce planning. Workforce planning software helps to understand how to respond to future requirements.

11.) Human Information System (HRIS) : It is the general repository for employee information and serves as employee directory. From personal contact information to skills inventory is gathered here.

12.) Time Attendance : This is the foundation of this zone. It means scheduling and keeping the records of attendance and punctuality of employees.

13.) Payroll : This technology is the combination of many bits of software combined. Payroll technology takes in all the data and elements needed to make the payday happen.

14.) Employee Communications : It means communicating with the employees well. It means taking care of functions like engagement surveys, collaboration systems, feedback loops and engagement surveys.

15.) Benefits Administration (BA) : Implementation of Benefits Administration software makes sure that benefits are equitably and more efficiently allocated.

16.) Data & Analytics : It helps solve the array of data integration problems and illuminate the performance of both the people and HR department.



Things you should not believe in as a tech job seeker

Half baked stories and myths are dangerous things for you, if you are a job seeker.  Myths and fairy tells are interesting, but believing in such parables can prove to be quite unflattering in real life.

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As tech job seekers, myths should not  be believed in and I’ll as far as to say, that they should be scorned upon.  So, here’s presenting busting the four biggest for a job seeker:-

 I don’t have the skills, hence I’m unsuitable

This is the biggest myth that tech job seekers have. They think since they do not have the necessary skills, they will not fit the bill and will be rejected right on. But, the fact of the matter is, that there is always possibility of getting trained while you are on your job.  There are always other job profiles where you could fit in.

What if I have changed jobs frequently?

Now, if this is what you have in mind and a cause of your major worry, then relax. You can always point out a valid reason for your leaving the company in your resume. Remember, when you are on the job, what matters ultimately is your working skills and nothing else.

If the company does not have online job posting, it’s not hiring

This is another popular myth among-st job seekers. It can be possible that the job is not on the online portal of the company, but it still is there. Such jobs are called invisible jobs. What one can do in such situations is develop some kind of social network in order to get first hand access to such hidden jobs.

If I’m chosen, I can bid my salary high

Now, if you are chosen, well and good, but at the same time you should be aware, getting chosen doesn’t mean you can bid salary beyond general line of expectation. Acting like this casts a bad impression and this line of action can surely backfire.

Hence, we found that myths or misconception are not good to dwell upon if you are the job seeker. They can hinder your job perspective.


Recognize the efforts of your employees

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”

They say gratitude or acknowledgement is the parent of all virtues. When a worker toils around the year and sweats his blood and tears to achieve the company targets, acknowledging him for his efforts is vital. So, let’s study five ways to acknowledge your employees:-


Recognize their efforts – It’s your obligation to see that your employees are duly rewarded for their efforts on a periodic basis. Praise them, when they deserve it.  Everyone expects good behavior. It’s human. Find ways to appreciate them. Praise them verbally, offer public recognition and find creative ways to appreciate them. This will boost their morale.

Reward them with incentives – When we say incentives, it does not always mean money. Of course, money counts, but more than that it’s you attitude towards your employee and your general behavior towards him that matters the most. Coming to monetary incentives, it can come in many forms such as prizes, bonus, perks etc.

Try and make them feel at home with their job – No work is enjoyable, if done with grudge. Work that is not enjoyable, turns out into huge chore. It turns out tedious. So, it’s you duty as the employer to make sure that the employer enjoys his job. Agreed motivation comes from inside, but it’s also a known fact that external factors also enhance ones desire to work for the betterment of the company.

Let the employers choose their rewards – Rewards are vital and we all know that. But, wouldn’t it wonderful if the employee gets to choose his type of incentive. A best reward is personal.   If the employee is entrusted with numerous options to choose from, this will make him feel special, and at the same time turn out to be a great motivator.

Why not celebrate success – If the employee turns out with good work, celebrate success. Give applause for his achievement. Publicly acknowledge his good performance. This will not only cheer him, but would also encourage other employees to follow on his footsteps.

‘Thank you’ is a two worded sentence, but it means a lot. As said before gratitude is perhaps the best attitude.

Choose a job according to your personality

Every human being differs from each other in temperament, demean our and physical aspect. This makes every individual bring in a different set of personality.

mara1 30 1 17.png

Career wise speaking; having a good personality is an essential part of enhancing one’s soft skill. So, taking a personality test could be the first step to finding your dream career.

Here are some tests one can undertake to determine one’s personality type. Read on…

Aptitude test- Aptitude tests are formatted mostly in a multiple choice manner and created in such a way that one gets to know where the skills of the individual lies. Aptitude tests cover a wide range of subjects’ right from arts to the sciences, from the job of a clerk to that of a doctor.

Career test- Career test as the name suggests, helps one determine his or her career objective, the type of profession one wants to get in etc. The career tests range from quick multiple choice questions to extensive tests created by career counselors.

IQ tests- These tests perhaps are the most popular. They help in measuring the individual’s intelligence and comprehension capabilities. IQ tests are formatted by licensed psychologist and cover a wide range of subjects such as mathematics, language, memory, and logic.

Psychological tests- Psychological tests measure a person’s quality to empathize, his emotional quotient and personal characteristics. Conducting psychological tests before you go for a job search helps one in determining what type of job is suitable according to your mental capabilities.

There are many types of this test. However, one is recommended to take the advice of a counselor before going through it. He will guide you through the whole process and give you expert psychological evaluation. These personality tests should not be taken as the ultimate parameters to determine ones dream career. They only provide guidance in exploring yourself better and do not provide the ultimate answer.

Importance of growth mindset and enhancing your soft skills

Mindset can be defined as the basic thing required for existence. We all possess a certain set of temperament. A mindset can be positive or negative. Let’s do a general swot up on how to enhance your attitude and develop a growth mindset.


Soft Skills: Do your employees have the growth mindset?

Before we answer this question, let’s just understand what growth mindset is after all? Growth mindset is what you can call as positive temperament. It can be described as the willingness to enhance your personal skills. People with growth mindset see ‘obstacles’ as challenges they need to overcome rather than path binders. They are exact opposite from people with fixed mindsets.

Growth mindset differs from fixed mindset in the following ways:-

People with fixed mindset consider their weaknesses as major flaws that hold them back. However, people with growth mindset do recognize their weaknesses and are willing to improve upon them. They are not afraid of at least ‘trying’.

People with fixed mindset consider failures as major setbacks. However, people with growth mindsets think about failures as challenges and think about ways to rise above their failures.

Now, that we have understood what is growth mindset, these are the steps one can follow to enhance the growth mindset:-

Encourage your employees- Encouraging your employees is important to keep them going. The employees are human beings and need recognition. If they work well, praise them and shower them with incentives and if they don’t, guide them and tell them where to improve.

Encourage team work- Tell your employees the importance of team work. Encourage peer to peer cohesion. We all are social beings. Coordination and cooperation is vital. This way if one falters, the other person can support and guide him.

Identify and train employees with fixed mindsets-We have already differentiated between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. Now, what we need to do is identify and convert people with fixed mindset into personality with a growth mindset. We need to harness them, empathize with them and provide them with necessary guidance.

Growth mindset is important aspect of soft skill training. It’s only when we see the world in a positive light that our dreams become realities.