Career Choices and Everything In Between

Life is full of choices and these choices and decisions uplift or mar life.  This is not as intimidating as it sounds, believe me. Just a little bit of planning and correct understanding, is all that it takes to achieve your goals and get that dream job. So the question arises “how to make a new career choice?  We try to answer this question as follows:-


First and foremost, make a safe assessment. Take out a ‘me time’ from your daily schedule. As someone said –“Take some time to think, it is a source of power”. Think and assess, those are the key words. Evaluate your goals, your dreams, your expectations from life and what steps you need to take to fulfill these expectations. These days self assessment tools are available on the internet and these tools can help you sort out your problem.

After this contemplation and self assessment, make a catalog of occupations you think you are interested in and want to explore. After making this list, tick out the more important and cross out the not so important goals. This will narrow down your search. A point to remember is if you are taking the help of some self assessment tool, then different tools can come out with different results.  To ease out this confusion, you can sort out these results and write them under one master list.

Once your search is narrowed, all you need to do is finding relevant information about these preset goals like, what kind of training and education, you need to achieve them and what and where are the institutions which offer these training. After all, you need to make yourself a capable person, before you are on your final mission.

Last, but not the least after all these steps, hopefully you can make your career choice and have your pick. Don’t pressurize yourself. If you make a choice and decide to change in the future, you are free to do so. Many people change their career more than twice in their lifetime and that’s common.

Hence, we can see that making a career choice is not as difficult a task as it may seem. Careful contemplation and little understanding is all you need.


Begin the New Year on a high note career wise

As the year 2016 passes away, bringing 2017 on its threshold, we all are set to make resolutions.  Resolutions… now I guess, we are all accustomed to making them. And breaking them? Well, before you say, that resolutions are meant to be broken, may I add, that ‘know your rules well, before you break them.’

 mara2 27 12 16.png

Making resolutions career wise may seem to be an overwhelming task for many. Everyone will agree to the fact that we all, primarily live for our careers. Hence, when it comes to the topic of career resolutions, getting sentimental is but obvious.

Fear helped no one, and so, keeping our apprehensions aside, let’s takes the plunge. Here’s presenting before you the 5 career resolutions you need to make for 2017. Read on…

Review your career– This is the prime and foremost thing you need to do. Do a general review. Take a thorough look of your achievements and your failures. If your job profile is highlighted with achievements, then buck up and well maintain it. And if there are failures, then try not to repeat them. Rectify them. Take some time off and contemplate about your pros and cons.

Keep your profile updated– Now, this may seem senseless, but the fact of the matter is this is in fact, necessary. You never know about the changes in the market. Someone may be head hunting, so try to keep yourself on par with the possible changes that may occur. Update yourself and increase your visibility on the net.

Enlarge your social network– This helps, career wise. It may seem pointless, but in fact it’s a necessary evil. Everyone knows that references work in most of the companies. You never know if there is an opening in some company and if you have the right contacts, the chances of your landing on a better job profile increases.

Improve your aptitude– Increasing your dexterity and adding on new skills helps a lot, professionally. In the ever changing market and the fast growing technical world, you don’t want be termed technically handicap and out-dated. Generically speaking.

Apprehension helped no one– Fortune favours the brave. Chuck up fear. Understand your limitations, but at the same time don’t be afraid to take challenges. Take up new projects and explore. ‘Try’; that’s the key word.

So, start the New Year on a high. You survived till now, you have another chance. A better chance to a be better you. Amen.

Time for some self assessment

Self evaluation means assessing your performance and how you have contributed to the growth of the company. So, what points should you cover while doing a self evaluation or rather how to write a self evaluation? Here are some tips-


Write down about your performance. Give a brief account of the type of productivity you showed towards the company you were or are working in. Be brutally honest. Your productivity is something which is subject to scrutiny and you will be marked according to your performance. If your productivity was below average, then tell the truth for if the companies find them to be in genuine in the future, then your reputation in the market will be hampered.

Share your knowledge with others. If you learned new skills while working in the company, add that. This will only make people learn that how efficient you were while working in the company.

If you did something, which was beneficial to the company and added to the goodwill of the company in the market, then share that with the people. This will make people know that how you can work as an asset for the company.

Take your time to jot down your self appraisal or self evaluation. You are worth the trouble. Tell the people your story. Your highs and lows in life and how you overcame the difficulties. Speak up, we are interested and we are listening.

Don’t hurry to complete it as quickly as possible, slow down the process. Be assertive in your approach and don’t try to finish it in one go. Take this as a piece of art which requires time and patience to build up. You want to cast the right impressions, don’t you?

So, you may see that self evaluation is in a way beneficial not only to the company, but also profitable for you. Self evaluation helps you study your problem areas and strengthen your stronger points. Assessment is an integral part of life and allows you know your flaws and strengths. It makes you into develop into a better person.


The employers take all precautions to see that they get the best candidate for the job. But you too as a job applicant need to see through few things before getting the ideal job. Are you and your job a match? Do you have the set of skills required to get the job? How do you find that? We answer these questions in the subsequent passages…


The first and foremost step is checking out or analyzing the job postings. Job postings are broken up into several fragments. Some start with the job description, followed by skills and duration of experience. While some job postings are brief, there are others which are explicative in nature.  Take your time and see through what the employer wants from the candidate.

The secondary step would be to harmonize your skills with the employer’s requirements. Make a list of the skills you possess with the skills required. If the job listing is a feasible, there are all plausible chances that you will be able to find a match.

Try to accumulate as much information as you can. Some of the job descriptions are so brief that you are not able to know what the job requirements are. In such a case try switching to the organization’s website. Another very practical solution is try searching on various online job portals.

While searching for the job you may find, that apart from the key skills, the job listings asks for some additional qualifications. You can make a list of these additional skills and incorporate these extra qualifications along with the main skills in your resume.

One can ask for advice from the experts in case you are a sceptic. The experts or professionals can tell you what steps need to be taken. They can tell you about your pluses and minuses. An expert will inform you about the skills you possess and the skills you can add.

Last, but not the least, review your resume. Go through it and add the necessary headliners. You can subtitle the added skills and explain them. This will ease out the interview process. A good resume clarifies your skills to the employer. At the same time, all the hard work you put in creating the resume can land you in a good job position.



How to climb up the ladder of success or rather how to get a promotion? Here are some tips you can follow-


If you want to grow up, then, first thing first. Choose the right company. This is important because if the company is not good, then all your efforts would be to no avail. Select a company which provides employee benefits and ensures you that you and your efforts will be cared for.

Give your best shot. Work to your full potential. Have a good attendance and maintain punctuality. Being on time definitely helps and being five minutes earlier is excellent. Complete the projects assigned to you on time. Good work never goes unnoticed.

Maintain a good rapport with your team mates. Be humane in your approach. Good manners, good communication skills and a quality to empathize with your colleagues help you in the long run.

Be sure that your performance is being evaluated. It will be beneficial to you in the long run. If you achieved the targets and are being overlooked by the HR people for some reason or other, tell them about it. It’s your legal right.

Try and be an all rounder. If the company needs help in other department, then try to assist them in their problems if you can. This will accentuate your value in the company and the HR team may offer you some kind of appraisal or the other.

Maintain good relationship with your boss as well as your juniors. The reason being if you have a good rapport with your superior, you can look forward to his help when in need. Having a mentor helps a lot in the long run. Similarly, you need to groom a junior and maintain good cordial relationship with him, so that when you leave the company for some reason he or she can fill into your shoes.

Hence, we can see that getting a promotion is no rocket science, but just requires little bit of meticulous planning and common sense.


Juggling. The dictionary describes it as ‘to cope with adroit balancing’. This act of balancing is something most of us practice every day. You may have seen a career woman juggle her career with her household duties or you may see a child balancing out his academics with his daily sports routine. That’s the key word to excellence-‘balancing’.

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Consider a real life situation. You are working in a company which offers you one of the best salaries in the industry. Still… you want a job change. There may be many reasons for this. May be the company environment doesn’t suit you. You are not comfortable working with a particular employee. May be you are looking out for better avenues. There a reasons aplenty.

So, how to job hunt when you can’t leave your Job yet? Well… this is the time when the word ‘balancing’ holds relevance. You have to balance your current job while exploring other job avenues. So, what measures should be taken when you are job hunting, while holding you current job position? Read on….

When you are job hunting you need to reveal to someone you’re secrets. Telling your boss about this, I don’t think is a good idea, until and unless, of course, you think, he is someone you can hold confidante. If he is someone you can completely trust then, no problem. However, if that’s not the case then holding up your secret is a necessary evil you must harbour.

Don’t look out for the job during your working hours. This hampers your current working scenario. Not only, is there a risk of losing your current position, but at the same time one may not be able to search out for his future job efficiently. Do the job search after office hours or during off days. This eases out a lot of pressure from under your shoulders.

Never use your company e-mail address or your company’s phone number in your professional account or in your resume. This is strict no-no. One can imagine the consequences after you commit this blunder. The other companies will start contacting you on your given contact details and your current job may be in danger even before you leave it.

Last, but not the least, update your current resume. After you joined the current job, it may be possible you didn’t do that. If that is the case then updating your resume means adding new qualifications to your existing CV. This in a way enhances your resume and makes it hold more relevance in the job market.



Appraisals –the golden word with a capital A is all that everyone wants; but unfortunately not everyone gets. Slogging around the whole year and getting nothing is not and can never be a good idea. I don’t know what type of company you are working in , but if your appraisal is not up to the mark , then take the following steps:-


Evaluate your performance-Scan your performance. See through the whole process; where you faltered. Not everything wrong with you can be everyone’s fault. Evaluate and rectify, don’t repeat your mistakes for as they say one who did no mistakes ever learnt anything new.

Have a candid discussion with your manager- As this line says do the same; discuss. Have an open chat with your manager. Tell him if you are dissatisfied and ask him the reasons for your downfall if any. Also ask him how and what you can do to solve the problem. Try to rectify the problem areas.

If you have received your rating and the stars are not in your favour, keep calm and go to the HR manager and have discussion about your problem. Tell him to go through your performance again and evaluate your performance. Tell him about your situation and that how your performance is just what they expected. Very much possible that your ratings improve and your stars brighten up.

Last and important, be quick. It’s very much important to hurry up. Act before the deadline goes away i.e. have a meeting with your boss as soon as possible. Tell him that you performed well and deserve an appraisal, be courteous.

In this world where income gaps are increasing and more and more people in poverty line, where work harassment is rampant, HAVE A VOICE, SPEAK YOUR MIND, ASK FOR YOUR RIGHTS…