A company is headed by its CEO but CEO is not capable enough to handle everything on his own. A CEO has a lot of pressure and there are millions of things that he has on his mind. So, it is only natural that a thing or two would slip off his mind. Administrative assistants are the backbones of any company. They organize everything. There is so much work going on in any company, starting with hiring to scheduling meetings and appointments, an administrative assistant is needed to manage the bulk of the executive work. If you are applying for such a post, make sure your resume reflects the kinds of things they are looking forward to in your resume. Without an organized resume which clearly states your interests and your past experience or your zeal to work hard if you are a fresher, you do not stand a chance to be hired by the company.

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You need to understand what the company is looking for. This is no big deal because the company has already mentioned in its job description the skills you need to have to apply for the job. After checking the requirements, you should highlight those skills. Often, one skill that may have remained undervalued in your previous company may be the prime interest of your new company. So, make sure you highlight that bit in your resume. If it is organizational and listening skills they are looking for, you should elaborate write on your resume how you fared well in those sectors in your previous company.

It is very important to mention the organizational structures you are familiar with. Whatever the case is you should clearly mention that in your resume. That way it is easier for both the parties. The company knows very well whether you are going to be a valuable employee for the company and you also know what it is they are looking for.

You will have to mention very clearly the technical skills and the soft skills that you need or you are familiar with. These may be communication skills, organizational and problem-solving skills and so much more. Your resume should tell your employer the skillset you have already acquired. To make it even more effective, you should mention the whether you can prioritize things or how do you solve problems with subtlety? This would increase the employer’s confidence in you as they know that you are familiar with the practical side of the work.

It is always better if you grow besides doing your job. This would mean the workshops and certification courses that you have done while working. List all your achievements to improve your resume. This way you would not end up like all the rest. The way you design your resume shows the way you will handle things and the kind of person that you are. After all, your resume is your first impression on the employers.



When you apply to the job, it is very important that you do not appear as one from the crowd, you need to appear as the one outside the crowd for people to notice you. With the outgrowing competition between companies, firms, employees and candidates, it is almost impossible for someone to hold their individuality. The uniqueness of your talent and caliber gets somehow lost in the crowd and you become one of the thousand faces that go unnoticed every year. To make your resume and your personality stand out for your desired job, you need follow these simple yet useful advises.

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A thorough research on the company before you go for the interview will help you get an idea of what the company may be expecting. What’s the company all about? How and when was it founded? What is the total revenue of the company? What are its achievements and success till date? These are the profound questions that need your attention. Having great knowledge about the company you are interviewing in sets an impressive image of you since the beginning. It shows your commitment, loyalty and dedication to the company as an employee and how serious you are about landing that job and not just any job.

Have an online portfolio. Company likes to do a background check on their potential employees and what other source is better than social media? Provide links to your social media accounts so that your company can get to know more about your personality and interests. If you have your own page or website, that’s even better.

Customize your resume. If you seriously think that recruiters in corporative firms have time to go through each and every resume that they come across, then you have to be humoring yourself. It is advisable you make your resume in sync with the job you are applying to rather than a common general resume. Recruiters are not interested in reading your skills that are not required for the job profile you are applying for. So make sure your resume, the mentioned strength, skills and experience in it tell your recruiter why you are most suitable for the applied job and not for any job.

Right personality and right attitude can take you places where normal sheet of paper can’t. Your resume is nothing if you do not hold the right attitude to execute it in the interview. Big firms and companies already have ample of options of highly skilled, well qualified and majorly experienced candidates to choose from. So what is that they ultimately decide from? It is how you come across during your interview. How confident you are, how fluently can you answer the questions and how nicely can you sell your perks, these are the pointers any interviewer looks for in the candidate. Be confident, smiling and bold with your answers. Show them your creative side as well as uniqueness and they are bound to get impressed.

Let them know you are planning to stay with the company for the long run and how you can be a great asset to them. No one wants to invest in employees who have the potential to ditch the firm at any stage. Talk about your ideas and your expectations for the company and with the company. Discuss strategies and ideas that you plan to execute if you were an employee of the company and how such planning has worked for you in your past job.

Six ways to get a job right after university

We live in an extremely fast world. After the Internet revolution, everything happens faster than before. Under such circumstances, no one has time. Naturally, right after university, the graduate has to look for a job. She has to make some money and make a living.

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Finding a job right after college may look like a complicated affair. So, here are a few suggestions that can ease the process for you.

Write out an excellent application. Your CV should show your passion and interests. Show that employer what you are passionate about and why. Vague applications are a major turn-off. So, put all your energy to prepare the application demonstrating all your abilities and skills, and prior work experience, if any. This much should be good enough to start you off in a right path. Be enthusiastic about the industry. This can fetch you a lot in the long-term.

Graduation is the end of your college life and the beginning of your work life. This is just the first baby step that you are taking. If you are wobbly and unsure, there is nothing wrong with it. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Your first job will not determine or dominate your entire career. The world is changing. Industries are changing. So in a few years, the world of work will also change. Try to know as much as you can and leave the rest to the days to come. In the coming months, you will make it more manageable.

Master’s degree would not make you more employable. That is a fact. Unless you are planning to enter the academia, you do not really need the master’s to grab more attention from the employers. Unless your master’s is a vocational degree, the employer would not be too impressed with it. If you are pursuing a master’s degree, you will have to make sure that you gain some work experience with internships. That will come in your favor. Your internship might make you a better power-point presenter or give real data-handling experience. This will add greatly to your CV.

Social Media can be a boon in your job search. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook can be places where you can let the headhunters find you. You are smart and intelligent and have a good degree from a reputed college. Now all you need is to put up an excellent profile on social media. Try to keep your opinions to yourself and not do anything untoward that might mar your employability quotient. With the help of social media, you can access a great plethora of job options posted online by the recruiters.

Be proactive and make the best use of the job search engines. First check the industries you are planning to work in. Second, you search out for employers, without waiting for the advert. Finally, talk to the people who are already working there. With a fantastic network, you are well set to build a great career.

Last but not least, do not give up on your dream job. It can be disheartening in the beginning as it is very competitive these days. But be on the look-out and try to know the qualifications or work experience you need for your dream job. Many places would look for experienced candidates. So, start working in a good place in your desired industry, build your network and move up the ladder eventually. You are only a graduate and embarking up on your working life. You have nothing to lose. So, be adventurous and put your best foot forward.


The Ultimate Guide to Infographic Resumes

A new trend has emerged, especially amongst graphic designers, video editors, and those creatively inclined. Infographic resumes are piling up at employers’ desks across the world, and you are still wondering what that is and whether it is useful or something you will be mocked for. The truth is we love infographic resumes, a break from the usual, a definition of your unique skills, and a great way to grab attention.

An Infographic Resume is an illustrative version of your resume, in which your professional qualification, experience, and important information is detailed and represented through a combination of text, images, icons, and timelines.



Advantage of an Infographic Resume

These days, job seekers are not merely applying for jobs but branding themselves and marketing their skills to potential employers. Infographic resume is a great step forward towards this. The visually attractive resumes tell the professional story of a person in an engaging manner. It catches the attention of the HR Manager and compels him/her to go through it first. This is the power of this interesting device, grabbing the interest of your employer, making a lasting first impression.

  1. Create an Impression

It’s not always easy to stand apart from thousands of job seekers who are applying for the same job as you are. On the other hand, recruiters have a hard time deciding which candidate to select and which to not. Infographic resumes break the monotony and give the candidate an edge over others. It ensures a call back for a face to face interview and also impresses the employer.

  1. Brand your skills

Visually appealing CVs not only create interest but are also helpful to brand your marketing skills. If you are a designer or a video editor, or just want to show your designing skills to your next employer, infographic resumes are the way to go for it. Infographic resumes can be used by both, freshers and experienced, to land a job. This, apart from setting a sense of creativity, is a great way to get hired for designing, marketing, or blogging.


Photo – Photos tend to create and capture attention like no other element. Curricular vitae with a photo are likely to get more responses than those which don’t have one. Use a flattering professional photograph of yours to catch the recruiter’s attention.

Timeline – A timeline makes the objective of the resume clear with its clean format. One can use it to show career milestones, experiences, projects worked on, educational qualifications, and much more.

Quotes – An incredible tool for building credibility with your new employer is by including some positive remarks received by you from your former bosses in your infographic resume.

Statistics- This is a great way to show off your accomplishments, successful projects, no. of years of experience, rate skill efficiency and much more.

Former Logos – A great way to highlight your experience is by including appealing logos of high brands you have worked with.

Creating Infographic Resumes

While you may be wondering what the best way to make an infographic resume is, or many are saddened by the thought that you cannot design so well, nowadays there are a number of great online platforms which can help you create one for yourself. You can check out online infographic tools such as Visualize-me that changes your LinkedIn profile into an attractive resume, Vizify that lets you transform your social media pages to a great curricular vita, or using which you can highlight your professional life. So start making a infographic CV today and increase your chances of getting hired by employers.

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The Making of an Impressive Resume: Behind the Scenes

Writing a resume seems like a challenging task, and rightfully so. The impact it creates in the precious 20 seconds it is paid attention to, plays a huge role in your entire career. However, although it needs to be created carefully, the task can be made simple by keeping in mind the following few tips-

Before Writing a Resume:

• Put yourself in the employer’s position: Understand what a prospective employer would expect from an employee in the relevant position and focus on their needs rather than just your own

• Refer to the job posting: Being sure of what the company wants reduces chances of mismatch and also allows you to tailor your resume to highlight the relevant skills

• Use the right resume format: Structure is imperative in any resume and it is advisable to use a basic template that ensures you do not leave out anything important and also allows you to further customize your resume to suit individual needs of different jobs

• Prepare a rough draft: Before sitting down to writing the actual resume, it’s good to jot down points you wish to highlight according to the job position. This allows you to prioritize and be more organized while writing the actual resume

Best Resume Tips:

• Personal Details: Make sure to include your name, date of birth, address, telephone number and email address

• Personal Statement: A few lines to capture your essence by revealing your strengths, work experience, skills and personality. The statement should be concise but relevant, and should be enough to convince the employer to continue reading

• Work Experience: If you have extensive experience, try to list the experience that is relevant to the job so that you appear to be the right candidate for the job. Include basic details such as position, organization and duration, as well as a couple of lines regarding the responsibilities and skills

• Educational Qualifications: Usually, a tabular format is a neat and effective way to display your academic record. The section should contain details of the institute, certification, result and year of completion

For those with Limited Experience:

• Other interests: You can mention a hobbies, skills or other relevant information that adds value and strengthens your profile

• Live Projects: These can be included in work experience with the details mentioned briefly

• Awards and Achievements: Particularly relevant for graduates, any accomplishments can be mentioned to highlight either special skills or favorable personality traits

Proofreading, Formatting and Presentation Tips:

• Spellings and grammar: Proofreading for small errors is essential because these could give the impression of a careless attitude, apart from casting an aspersion on your communication skills which are being seen as increasingly important

• Fonts and sizes: Do not exceed 2 A4 size pages, no matter how much you want to write. Being able to present important information in a succinct manner is also an appreciated skill. Fonts like Arial, Times or Verdana look professional in sizes 9-12

• Bullets and structure: Neat and well organized resume’s tend to gain attention and give you the advantage you need to stand out. Long paragraphs must be avoided at all costs. Concise bulleted points are highly favored, so keep it simple and brief. It is also advised to use clear headings (in bold) to further emphasize the division of sections and make it appear orderly.