If we ask you when was the last time you were peacefully breathing without any additional stress or thought, you would probably reply that you do not even have time to think about the answer. And that is how our world has become today. People hardly have time to think, stay still, or even breathe. The work pressure is at its peak and the competitive dynamics is like never before. Success is the ladder and all there is to do is climb. So what can you do to stand out in this rat race? How do you get yourself noticed amongst the hundred hardworking employees and come across as ‘the one’ in the crowd?


Success is not always achieved the hard way, sometimes, going the smart way is the key. If you believe by working day and night, for more hours than your co employees can get you recognition and the big appraisal or promotion that you have been waiting for, then sorry to burst your happy bubble, but that’s not how race to success works. ‘Time is money’, is probably oldest adage and the most basic fundamental policy followed by any corporate organization. It does not matter how long you stay in the office or if you are leaving after everyone. Your employers have hired you to work as efficiently and execute as much result in a limited period of time as you can. Your time management skills and work proficiency is what gets you noticed in front of your supervisors and not rigorous late night hours in the office.

Be more noticeable and actively present in your office. Locked in your cabin, you will just be a name on the door with the set of assigned works. Be more passionate about your projects and assignments. Talk and discuss your innovative ideas and reforms with your superiors and get yourself noticed in group and such meetings. Pitch your voice and stick to your thoughts. Let your seniors see the confidence and dedication in you that they look for in any potential talent.

Interpersonal relationship in any company between the co employees or between employers and employees is as necessary as any between the company and its clients. If you do not have a network inside your company, then we are afraid to say but you are just a lost face amidst the hundred others. Creating network gives you and your work better chance of recognition and appreciation. Networking with your colleagues gives you a better perspective of other departments of your office, thus making you more aware and updated with the office in goings. Try networking with your superiors steadily and gradually. Use your boss’s help for that matter. This would avoid making any situation awkward when you will have to contact your higher authorities randomly.

Guidance is something that one needs since childhood till later stages in life. Proper guidance from the right teacher can make a student realize his best potential and outgrow his performance over the years. The same goes in corporate world. A right mentor can set you in the direction of success and progress that you might have been missing for a long time. These mentors can point out your biggest strength and weakness and help you work on them to channelize them in your most resourceful way. They can introduce you to new as well as existing opportunities and guide you in the most subtle manner to access them.

So start planning your goals and objectives to excel in your career and work hard, but smartly to achieve them.

Great tips to get you the promotion you deserve

Who does not want to go up the ladder, make more money and earn more respect? That seems like the most obvious goal of an adult working professional. The joy of promotion brings in a lot of positive energy to your mind and you feel motivated to work more passionately for your company. However, since promotion is everyone’s dream, there is a tough competition going on there to grab the first chance to reach a higher rank. So, in order to ensure your promotion, there are a few things that you can keep in mind to help you reach your goal.

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First of all, find a great mentor. Finding a worthy and able mentor can be your best induction into the company. Make sure that the mentor enjoys your company as well and treat her nicely with respect and love. Don’t just make the mentor meetings a purpose-driven chat. If the mentor likes you and is confident about your capabilities, she might put in a good word for you in her circle. Since she has been with the company for a long time and knows the mechanism and the people for years now, she will be your best friend as far as promotion is concerned.

In order to get a promotion, you need to have a spotless workplace review. There should not be any deviation or short-comings in your daily performance. You will have to come in time and work till the end of the day. You will have to keep a smile on your face and brainstorm your way through a workplace without being whiney about it. You should have perfect employee conduct review. There should not be a complaint about you being a foul-mouth or being loud instead of being professional. You should be a master of your work and be able to finish it within deadline. If case, you are taking too many sick leaves it might create a bad impression about you. With all these impeccable workplace ethics, you are sure in a good place to seek promotion or be considered for it.

Give out positive vibes through your positive attitude. It is important not to lose your calm when you are faced with an obstacle. Put your chin up, look it in the eye and resolve it. That should be your ideal attitude. If you are keeping that attitude, in due time you will be the common favorite and a deserving candidate for promotion.

In the corporate world, self-promotion can also be a good virtue. Positive self-promotion can help you get higher up the ladder. Talk to your manager about your ambitions and how, given a chance, you aspire to do even better. Keep a track of all the good work you have done for the company. That would tell you exactly why you deserve that promotion. During your chats, make your manager mention those things about you to your boss. This will help you found the base you need to pitch in the real request.

It is a great idea to volunteer for more responsibilities in today’s competitive workplace environment. You will get a chance to impress others with your willingness to do more. This will demonstrate your capacity to manage more and be even more productive.

Last but not least, it is a must to keep adding up to your knowledge and become more suited for the next role. Display your skills and your knowledge abundantly. With better qualifications and skills, you will surely stand out of the crowd and appear more industrious than others.


How to climb up the ladder of success or rather how to get a promotion? Here are some tips you can follow-


If you want to grow up, then, first thing first. Choose the right company. This is important because if the company is not good, then all your efforts would be to no avail. Select a company which provides employee benefits and ensures you that you and your efforts will be cared for.

Give your best shot. Work to your full potential. Have a good attendance and maintain punctuality. Being on time definitely helps and being five minutes earlier is excellent. Complete the projects assigned to you on time. Good work never goes unnoticed.

Maintain a good rapport with your team mates. Be humane in your approach. Good manners, good communication skills and a quality to empathize with your colleagues help you in the long run.

Be sure that your performance is being evaluated. It will be beneficial to you in the long run. If you achieved the targets and are being overlooked by the HR people for some reason or other, tell them about it. It’s your legal right.

Try and be an all rounder. If the company needs help in other department, then try to assist them in their problems if you can. This will accentuate your value in the company and the HR team may offer you some kind of appraisal or the other.

Maintain good relationship with your boss as well as your juniors. The reason being if you have a good rapport with your superior, you can look forward to his help when in need. Having a mentor helps a lot in the long run. Similarly, you need to groom a junior and maintain good cordial relationship with him, so that when you leave the company for some reason he or she can fill into your shoes.

Hence, we can see that getting a promotion is no rocket science, but just requires little bit of meticulous planning and common sense.