How to Stop Being Taken Advantage of at Work

Have you at any point ended up amidst something at work that you truly wished you hadn’t consented to? We’ve all been there! There certainly will be times when you need to get things done at work that you would rather not. In the event that you end up in this position more than you might want essentially on the grounds that you would prefer not to let other individuals down, you need to take a stand for yourself.

What’s more, it may not appear like a major ordeal for the time being. Be that as it may, in the long haul, the cons far exceed the benefits. Obliging to others can bring about feeling of being overpowered (in light of the fact that you’ve gone up against excessively numerous times), anger (due to the natural human mindset), and repressed (on the grounds that you’re continually overlooking your own needs in a journey to impress others).


It can likewise influence you to act fake, in light of the fact that when you’re trying to behave in a calm and sincere manner—regardless of feeling baffled within—you’re basically putting on a show to be somebody else. Indeed, research shows that grinning to mollify others when you’re not truly feeling glad, is connected to a diminished feeling of prosperity, and withdrawal from work. So, here are four ways to help you stop being taken advantage of without losing your self-respect:

  1. Give Others the Opportunity

Most of the time we hop in during these situations because of thought such as “No one else will do it, so I need to.” In reality, individuals are frequently substantially more versatile than we understand. In the event that you say, no, the vast majority can either discover another person to do the work or even take care of the issue themselves.

  1. Think for yourself and Take a Stand

People who are adjusting by nature have a tendency to be extremely sympathetic with regards to others. They regularly envision others’ needs and do their best to attempt to keep the general population around them from feeling awkward. Be that as it may, to quit being exploited, you must figure out how to treat yourself with that same level of regard. Perceive your own particular worth and be a supporter for yourself. A decent general guideline is to consider, “If this demand was being made of another person, what might I think?” If you begin to feel defensive, at that point you can start thinking about yourself in a similar manner.

  1. Set Boundaries

You can’t state “no” to each and every assignment you would prefer not to do. All things considered, everyone needs to invest some energy every day doing things they would rather not. In any case, making sense of what’s a piece of the activity and what’s well beyond takes understanding. As does turning down that additional work. Explore different avenues regarding saying “no” or possibly, “not currently” to demands.

  1. Figure out how to Deal With Conflict

Initially, you may feel awkward defining limits since it’s new for you. However, once you venture up and say something, you may discover it’s an aggregate non-occasion. At the end of the day, when you say “no,” the other individual basically says “alright,” and that is it. Although, we must consider that there might be a time when supporting yourself brings about a clash, especially when the other individual really needs your assistance. You need to figure out what’s wrong and right to swim through the conflict.

Rather than keeping away from it, set up your mind ahead of time so you can approach these circumstances with a more noteworthy feeling of certainty. Practice profound breathing to deal with your anger or anxiousness at the time, consider the issue from your colleagues’ perspective, and try to bring about a solution rather than just denying to do the work. Delegate. Give others a chance to help you. Make a point to consider your own particular needs with the requirements of everyone around you, to improve relationships at work without having to compromise.

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