Whether you want to switch your career or just looking for a job or may just require some inspiration, there’s a podcast for you.

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You are probably pressed for time like everyone else in this job world and this can be great excuse for not getting everything done. But, when it’s about your career, you have to take some time in order to grow and get successful. This is the reason why podcast are great. You can listen them anytime even while you are doing something else, like when you are commuting or while you are cleaning around the house. You can keep yourself up to date by listening to a podcast. Here are some of the podcast that you need to listen in order to check out for your career.

If you want to boost or upgrade your career

  • Productivityist:

This is hosted by Mike Vardy and it is broadcasted on weekly basis. This show will tell you the tips and tricks, which will help you in boosting your productivity, aims and all other aspects of your life. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a change in your habits, want to concentrate on time management or simply want a makeover for your overall productivity, this podcast will fulfil all your needs.

  • Career tools:

This is also a weekly podcast and it focuses on giving your career a new transformation and advancing your career. If you are a new job seeker and is seeking for a jump start, then this podcast will certainly help you achieve whatever you want in your career life.

If you want some quick or practical tips and tricks for your career

  • This is your life podcast:

In this weekly podcast, which is hosted by Michael Hyatt, proffers you some quick and practical tips dedicated to ‘intentional leadership’. The aim of this show is to help you in living a life that is full of passion and let you lead with influence. You’ll be able to work with more passion after listening to this podcast. Topics which are covered in this show are work-life balance, how to vacation like a pro and how to lead in the face of criticism. The show has completed its eighth episode, so until new episodes begin you have a lot of material to catch.

  • The Tim Ferriss show:

Who doesn’t know Tim Ferriss, he is the bestselling author of ‘The 4-hour Workweek’. In this show, he has offered some tricks and tips to focus on your personal life, career and everything else that comes in between. He interviews some well-known people, who have made a reputation in everything from pro sports to investing in chess. Their stories are translated to provide you practical advice that you can use in your real life. With each and every episode you will get some inspiration.

  • Classy Girl Career Podcast:

This show is named by Forbes as one of the top 35 most influential career sites in the year 2014. This show offers various training opportunities, behind-the-scenes audios, interviews and even presentations in order to help you to get ahead in this competitive world. For example, in the current episode a conversation was featured about one of the guests who gave up her corporate job to start a new business. There are other topics too like how to get over the stage fear or speaking fears or when to realize that it’s time to change your career.

So, if you need a bit of inspiration or simply want to motivate yourself to start your own business, then you must not miss these podcasts!


Author: MaraJobs

Marajobs is an Africa focused online job portal which aims to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers. As MARA group we believe that whatever we do has to be game changing and have a positive social impact. is the one of the platform which ensures a seamless connect between Job seekers and Employers by integrating digital innovation along with harnessing the power of personal and social networks. We connect active businesses with the brightest talents. We work across a range of sectors and industries to help manage change, create a competitive advantage and position an organization as the employers of choice both locally and globally.

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