Did the change in seasons leave an impact on you and you want to quit your old job to navigate new waters? That sounds perfect! However, if it is a forced change that you are planning to undertake because you are having issues with your bullying boss, we will be happy to help. Here are some ideas that you can try out before quitting your job because, of course, either for the salary or for the working environment or for some unknown third reason, you chose to join the company some time back.

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Bullying boss is a frequently occurring problem in many workplaces. Often, in fact, the employees prefer to leave their jobs silently before taking an issue with the boss. That is not the best you can do because there may be others who are facing a similar kind of problem and just like you, they are also not being able to blurt it out as they are not brave enough and fear the dire consequences. So, someone has to bell the cat and who is better than you. Besides, talking it out would not necessarily mean encouraging a foul face-off and can be dealt with professionally if a plan can be adopted or the whole thing can be divided into stages.

As you join any new office, you are assigned a mentor who would be taking care of your workplace problems. So, if you are facing a bullying boss issue, you can confide in your trusted friend. Come on, we all know how that can be slightly effort-taking as you do not really know this person for a long time but this is the best you have got. And may be, in your case, this person is actually trustworthy. So, share your problem with your colleague and you can hope for a quick resolve. This friend of yours is remotely related to your department but she has been there with the company for quite some time now and knows the people. So, your trusted mentor can lead you in the right path. Now you know how you should tackle your officious boss.

If that does not resolve the problem, you can directly go and talk with the boss. Of course, this is a daunting task and easier said than done as the employee clearly fears the boss and emotions are running high to make him go speechless or steer the conversation in a different direction even if a meeting is scheduled. Go prepared and be armed with possible solutions so that both of you can find a middle path to work together. Clearly, the company needs both of you. Be frank and sensible. Your boss should know that you have taken into consideration the fact that she was in a bad mood or under terrible pressure. This might help resolve or diffuse the tension.

Speak to HR if other options are not working out well. This includes lodging a formal complaint. This is a serious move and requires some effort on your part. This formalizes the entire process. You should do it if things got too serious and you are suffering a lot. Remember there might be others facing the same problem. So, do not lose your self-confidence. Go ahead and do it.

In the whole time, do not question yourself or do not be too harsh on yourself if you hear others say things about you. Office takes up almost your entire day and it should not be a burden to you. You should feel positive about your job and the workplace environment. However, there is a difference between a challenging boss and a bullying one. Know the difference and work your way through it. Make your office life fun again!


Author: MaraJobs

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